My name is Leslie Emigh and the last name is pronounced just like the girls name Amy. When I was growing up for the last two years of high school we moved to Trona Ca. Now there was a certain person who made my life a living hell there. He was always messing with me. After I graduated I swore that one day I would have my revenge on him. However, it wasn't until sometime after I had gotten out of the navy that I had an opportunity  to do anything. At my 30th year reunion I vowed to look him at and get him back. But, I found out that he had died and God had robbed me of my vengence. I wasn't happy with that so I went out to the graveyard and peed on his grave. I still wasn't satisfied. So I found his wife and had sex with her. I still wasn't happy. So I found his daughter and had sex with her. 

   Yeah my Dad was a real prick. 

  And that's my Oscar acceptance speech. I really did make that up my self and I have about another 12 or so jokes that I made up that are even more offensive. I can't wait until all my potential employers Google this site. The only reason I wrote that joke down is my mother is dead and my sister knows very well how tasteless I am. But she's an ER nurse and tells even fouler stuff that is all true.  As the man said "if you want to tell a joke that is offensive and not upset anyone make sure that you are the but of the punch line". 

Let's see. Another paragraph full of stupid Leslie sayings like "Dog is mans best friend because he cheats on his wife and beats his children". Nope, I better skip that. I wish this site had a better spell check. The other day I was typing out some stuff, and when I type I tend to write like I talk. So I wrote out the word gobbledygook and the damn thing spell checked it and knew what I was shooting for. However, it does horrible with Latin law terms.  


  1. Get law class homework done.
  2. figure out how to validate this page
  3. Talk with teacher about weather or not she got my "vacation" homework
  4. ​work on group project 
  5. ​Make web page
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